Essay College Life

High school students look at college life as being a break from the everyday mandatory requirements set by the educational system. A time to let loose and enjoy a more relaxed learning environment. The movies portray students drinking, smoking, sex, and fraternity initiations. All which sounds and looks appealing to the everyday person. Movie depictions of campus life can cloud Judgments and attitudes of what to expect. Some people Join a fraternity with high hopes of becoming a frat brother or sister.

What people watch in the movies and what they have to go through in real life to become a brother or sister of that frat are the same. Fraternities choose who they let Join their group based on initiations or test that involve humiliating tasks to one’s elf or even can cause harm to themselves or others. Initiation tests and tasks seen in the media are actually used in current fraternities today. Also in most media college based movies tuition and books are paid for by the parents. Whom which are even affected by the media.

Parents are worried that with spending money out of pocket on tuition, books, and living situations for their son or daughter to go to a continued education college that their child will spend the time partying, having sex, and Just treating it like a little paid vacation after studying for years in elementary, middle, and high school. Students also feel that they can do the very minimum if not below the required expectations of the school. Cost of tuition and books can put a very big strain on the budget, being based on credit hours.

Ones cost for the tuition for a two year associates degree can reach as far as 30,000-40,000 dollars and on average a student can spend 1 dollars in books. In today’s society students and parents would not be able to afford that kind of money, so they rely on loans, grants, and scholarships. Grants and scholarships are among the most popular and sought after means of paying for one’s college. Loans are also granted to students but must be paid back usually within six months of graduating or being out of college and not graduating and dropping out. Living on campus can be Just as expensive with average cost around five hundred dollars.

On campus dorms limit your living space to a single room and having to share with another fellow student. Although not all campus’s have on site living quarters students have to find an apartment or share a house with other students. A little more living space but still a lack of privacy. With real college life living away from allege brings up other expenses such as electric, gas, internet, means of transportation and the cost of food. Forcing students to take on a part time Job, which adds more problems to the student with having to Juggle work and school schedules.

Trying to fit in time to do homework and study for exams or tests can take a toll on a student. Most people don’t realize how much stress college life can put on a student. Taking out loans to pay for expenses for schooling can start to add up quickly. Colleges also require a certain percentage of the students’ progress to be achieved. Stark state requires an “overall grade point average of 2. ” (wry. Starkest. Du) to maintain their good standing with the school and continue attending classes. Financial aid requires a “Successful completion of 67% of the cumulative attempted credit hours. (weaknesses. Du) vs. the credit hours they initially applied for in order to maintain good standing with financial aid. Some people are not aware of the complexities of being a college student and what is required. From my experiences with college life it can be very easy to overload yourself even with Just taking on too many classes during a semester. College life is not what the media makes it out to look like. Trying to maintain good grades, attendance, and being able to survive outside of college can be very stressful.

So far school has not been a walk in the park for me, but at the same time I had some of the best times while being in school. Putting myself further into debt from the student loans and feeling buried by homework assignments, quizzes, and tests I get stressed out a lot and often. There are times when one can let free and also experience the good sides of being in school by Joining clubs or groups. Even a break between classes can be a blessing and gives you the chance to be social and communicate with others or to even catch quick bite to eat.

My College Life Ups And Downs

My College Life Ups and Downs For us to be able to grow we must step out of our comfort zone. High School life, was always been my comfort zone. It is a time of my life when I was absolutely carefree about anything. But college is a different thing. People say that collage life is stressful; teachers are much strict and will give you a hard time and it is also our foundation to our brighter future. Lessons are tougher than high school that will leave your brain drained. College is also the time where we will discover so much about ourselves and life. It is the stage of your life where you grow as an individual ore independent and mature.

Simply college molds you as the person you will be in the future. First day of school June 2014 1 was happy but the same time I was sad because it is the first time that my best friend and I are not in the same school. It breaks my heart a bit because we graduated together in elementary and high school. But because we have to follow our dreams she has to go to the school that specialize her course and also I have to do that also. As I enter the campus of my new school I saw many freshmen students Just like me. Some are chitchatting with their old and new found friends.

Some are Just sitting there being shy, busy taking selfless with their cell phones and some are Just observing others. I was puzzled as I was not habituated to the ‘college-ways’ of things. The students in batches were moving up and down the corridors for their classes. The professors were coming smilingly and exchanging greetings with the students in a friendly manner. Luckily, my first day of school is not that tough for me because I have with me my old classmates in high school. I was so excited in meeting new people. It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t know how I should behave Just to fit in.

But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met new friends. They make my college life easier and fun despite of our brain squeezing lessons and busy schedules. In college, as a student we are exposed to an ocean of challenges. Each individual learns to accept these challenges, work on them, develop strategies and plans, and motivate themselves to achieve success. The most challenging to me is time management. Now that we are in this stage, we must know to manage out time properly because managing our time in the right way will be a big help for us and in our studies especially our schedules are complicated.

Yes, we may have long vacant time but in these times there are also activities that we have to Join. Challenges are good for a person to learn, but sometimes they can be very stressful. The hardest part is Juggling everything while dealing with all of the tension. My personal flaws are certainly not easy to cope with. I have a really bad memory I easily forgot what our professors have discussed and sometimes a negative thinker which are traits that are not beneficial for me in any way. Another challenge is to maintain a social life and till do the things that I enjoy.

In my High school days me and my friends often go to a park where will hang out and enjoy each other’s company. There are times that you’re like a zombie, staying up all night to open your brain draining book to understand and review your lesson because there will be an exam and a quiz tomorrow. But as time goes by I think I’m getting use to it. It will be a part of daily living. Well, it is okay for me when the trophy of it is that I can hold my diploma after 4 years and be a successful medical scientist someday. We might encounter different things in college but everything happens for a reason.

Some things will makes us more confident and happy and some things will make us braver, stronger and wiser. Our Up and downs in college is an experience that is all part of growing up as a beautiful fabulous individual. But no matter what happens always trust yourself we can always do better next time. We learn from our failure not from our success. Because nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible. We should wake up every day with hopes that everything will be alright in the end because life goes on and on.

School Life and College Life

Total marks for GU Programmer -15, preferably the student will have to solve two questions of 8 marks and 7 marks respectively. II. Total marks for PIG Programmer -30 (converted to 15 for calculating entities assessment marks), Preferably the student will have to solve two questions each of 15 marks. Ill. Duration of test: 1 Hour* lb. Syllabus for T-l: Minimum 2 units (minimum 1/3rd syllabus in case the syllabus is not unedited). V. Syllabus for T-al: Minimum 2 units other than those covered under T-l (minimum 1/3rd syllabus not covered under Test-I in case the syllabus is not unedited).

VI. Preferably question paper pattern: Solve Q. No. 1 or Q. No. 2, Q. No. 3 or Q. No. 4. * The duration examination may vary as per the need of the theory course. The two test examinations will be conducted as per schedule in an Academic Calendar. Valued answer books shall be shown to the students within six working days after the day of examination of the last theory paper. Grievances, If any, shall be addressed by the HOOD on application of the students within next two days.

Correction In marks, If any, should be communicated to the office of CEO in the format prescribed within ten working days after the day of examination of the last theory paper. The marks secured by student in the test examinations before and after addressing the grievance shall be displayed on the department notice board. Page 12 ill) Absentee examination a. For GU Programmed under autonomy Students ho remain absent in a Test-I and or Test II examination will be subjected to absentee test after Test-II as per the academic calendar.

The absentee examination would be for 15 Marks only. A student who remains absent for both Test-I and Test-II would be evaluated for 15 marks only and will lose 15 marks. This provision Is made only for situations in which the absence is either due to the student representing the or country level or due to reason of illness, death of a near kin, attendance of state or national level competitive exam, placement activities and other circumstances beyond control of the student.

To avail this provision, the student is required to apply to the HOOD with recommendation from Course Coordinator with relevant documents. It is the discretion of the HOOD and Course Coordinator to consider application and decide the mode of examination. No student can avail of this provision for both the Test examinations in any one course in a Semester. B. For PIG Programmed under autonomy Students who remain absent in a Test-I and/or Test II examination will be subjected to absentee test after Test-I and/ or Test II within 10 working days of the end of test examination.

This provision is made only for situations in which the absence is either due to the student representing the college in an academic/ co- curricular and extracurricular activities at University, State or country level or due to reason of illness, death of a near kin, attendance of state or national level competitive exam, placement activities and other circumstances beyond control of the student. To avail of this provision, the student is required to apply to the HOOD with recommendation from Course Coordinator with relevant documents.

It is the discretion of the HOOD and Course Coordinator to consider application and decide the mode of examination. No student can avail of this provision for both the Test examinations in any one course in a Semester. ‘v) Assessment of Internal marks for theory courses Test-I – 15 marks Test-II – 15 marks Attendance – 4 marks Teacher’s assessments – Two assessments of 3 marks each (The mode of teachers’ assessment shall be declared by individual course teacher on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar). Total continuous assessment marks for theory course – 40 marks.

Teachers Assessment a. B. C. D. Teacher’s assessment of students’ performance of 6 marks shall be done on the basis of modes such as home assignments, tutorials, pen book tests, seminars, group discussions, projects, quizzes etc. The course coordinator shall declare the mode(s) chosen for each course, within the date prescribed by the Dean Academics. In case a course is being taught by more v) Page 13 than one subject teacher, the modes for teacher’s assessment may be declared by the respective teacher, section wise.

A student who skips teacher’s assessment or a part thereof shall be awarded zero marks under the respective head. Vi) Assessment of continuous assessment of marks for practical courses A student shall be evaluated for his/her academic performance in a practical course on he basis of continuous evaluation and End Semester Practical Examination. Vii) Marking for continuous evaluation of practical courses may be done based on the following parameters a. Journal completion b. Performance in each practical c. Internal Practical Examination d.

Viva-Voce Total marks for continuous evaluation of practical courses: 25 marks. The course coordinator in consultation with Chairman Board of Studies and the respective course teacher shall declare the allocation of marks in the parameters as applicable within the date prescribed in the academics calendar. In case of performance oriented practical, the evaluation shall be done on of examination for non-performance type of practical shall be declared by the course coordinator in the beginning of the session.

Type of practical course I. E. Performance type or non performance type shall be decided by the respective ASS. The seminar shall be evaluated through the quality of work carried out, the report submission and presentation’s as per the guidelines prescribed by the respective BOSS from time to time. Project work shall be evaluated by mid-term seminar’s, the quality of work aired out, project report submission and the viva-voce examination.

Notwithstanding contained in above, any specific norms in respect of examination, criterion of passing, results, valuation, grading, discipline, award of degree, attendance will be prepared by the respective departmental faculty board, approved by BOSS and Academic Council, if required. Viii) Attendance: The attendance of the students in theory classes should be encouraged. 4 marks are allotted for attendance. The distribution of Attendance marks is as given in Table 1 below. Table 1: Distribution of marks on Attendance S. No. 23 4 Attendance % >=75 or <75 or or < 65 Awarded Marks 4 3 2 1 a.

All the students are expected to be present in every lecture, tutorial, practical, NC / INS / CUSP / Games & Sports / Yoga scheduled for them. Attendance will be closely monitored during a semester as per the guidelines. Page 14 b. If a student is continuously absent from the classes for more than four weeks without informing the Course Coordinator, the Coordinator shall immediately bring it to the notice of First Year Coordinator/ the Head of the concerned department as the case may be and they in turn will inform the same to the Office of

Dean Academics. C. A student must have a minimum attendance of 60 % of the total number of classes including lectures/ tutorials, held in a course individually in order to become eligible for appearing Test I and Test II examinations in such course’s, failing which he/she will be declared not eligible for appearing in the said examination in such course’s and will be awarded zero marks.

Attendance granted to the student for the period of the related activity/ event shall not be considered while calculating minimum attendance. Minimum physical presence of 60% the student of he total number of classes including lectures/ tutorials, held in a course is compulsory for being eligible for appearing Test I and Test II examinations. D.

The names of the students who have remained absent, for more than 25% of the actual classes held in a course will be intimated by the Course Coordinator himself on the last teaching day of each month of the respective semester, to the students in the class with written intimation to the HOOD / First Year Coordinator, who will arrange to consolidate the list for all such students for all the courses and display it on the notice board of the department with an intimation to Dean Academics. . A student must have an overall 75 % attendance of the total number of classes including lectures/ tutorials and practical. . Student is not permitted to appear for the End Semester Examination if the shortfall of attendance exists. His/her registration for that semester will be treated as cancelled, and he/she shall be awarded ‘Z’ grade in that semester. This grade shall appear in the grade card till the successful Those students who have more than 75% attendance for the period other than their medical leave be considered for connotation of attendance provided their overall attendance in a course including the period of illness does not fall below 60%.

A student has to apply for leave on medical grounds to the Head of concerned department and such application shall be accompanied with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner and endorsed by parents or guardian. However the decision in this matter will be finally taken by the Principal. Records keeping: All the records of attendance in Test Examinations, Question papers, valued answer sheets, summary of marks sheets, and display of marks should be properly maintained for academic monitoring.

Analysis of attendance Analysis of attendance hall be made before the start of Test I and Test II. The parents of the students attending less than 60% of classes in a course shall be informed about their wards getting detained in Test I / Test II for want of attendance as per ordinances / regulations of the college. Subsequently, after the last date of x) Page 15 teaching, the final analysis for the respective semesters for the award of marks on attendance shall be made and displayed on the date as specified in the Academic calendar. 2.

(a) Academically weak students should be identified after the Test-I examination and extra classes should be conducted for them in the respective subjects in which the students are found to be weak. (b) The schedule for the same shall be prepared by the departments as per the academic calendar of that semester. (c) A student securing ‘IF grade in a test examination shall be considered to be academically weak. 3. Existing policy regarding the grant of attendance should be followed in consideration with the following points. ) Period for Grant of Attendance: Attendance will be granted for the period of the related activity/ event. The Dean ISRC/concerned Professor in-charge of he activity/event shall mention the period for which the attendance be granted. Methodology: The students are required to submit the relevant certificates, pertaining to the cases eligible for the grant of attendance, obtained from the competent authority from within the campus or outside the campus to the Head of the departments.

The relevant applications along with certificates in this respect must be submitted to the Head within Eight days of the completion of the activity or event mentioning the dates for which the attendance is to be granted. The Head of departments shall verify the authenticity and appropriateness of the certificates, impel the applications, prepare the data regarding grant of attendance and circulate it to all the concerned teachers at the time of finalization of marks awarded for attendance.

The other matters which the department feels necessary to discuss with the parents may also be kept on agenda of the meeting. It is also to seek the expectations of the parents from the department and the college. Number of Meets: Every Department will organize Two Parent-Teacher Meets in a year (One Parent-Teacher meet in Each Semester). The dates of the meets would be as per academic calendar. It) iii) The Principal / Dean academics will be kept informed about the meets.

Report Submission: The report of the meet indicating the brief minutes of the meetings; the time bound actions proposed by the department; the actions expected to be taken at the central level should be submitted to the Principal by 20th August and 5th March for the 1st and 2nd Parent-Teacher meet respectively. Preparation of Action Plan: The action plan in this respect should be subsequently prepared by the Head in consultation with the Principal. The same should be implemented scrupulously and the records be maintained.

Parent and College Life

Home Life College life, and freedom, and independence Oh my! College life is not the typical life a person has when they’re home. When a person hears someone talk about college the obvious automatically comes to mind. Such as the freedom, the partying, and all the other fun things tied Into college life. Although college life has to be balanced by the student and not the parents, It can still be tough. Living at home off of parents makes a person become very dependent.

Of course the parents are supposed to provide, and shelter, and feed, but a person can still be independent vying at home. However, it is a lot harder to be independent living at home just because a person knows where the help is. The person’s parent is going to help no matter what the situation is. They are not going to sit there and make the individual do everything on their own, especially if they’re still under their parents’ roof. When someone Is living at home Just about everything Is done for them. An Individual’s mother is going to do the laundry whether asked or not.

She is so used to taking care of things for the individual that it is done automatic and without hesitation. As for allege life the person has to make sure his or her clothes is washed on their own. Sometimes it doesn’t get done until three weeks later maybe ever four. This is only because the person has gotten so used to their mother doing It for them that they became lazy! In addition someone who lives at home Is more responsible for many reasons. Such as his or her parents stay on them about school and other big responsibilities.

Their parents love to see them achieve so whatever can be done to help make sure they’re succeeding will be done. As for college life a person may become irresponsible just because they don’t have that extra push from the parent. Things done normal at home may not be done in college because the parental figure is not there to stay on top of the Individual. But when push comes to shove the Individual still has to remember that they are no longer living dependent, but Independent. This is such a hard thing for a student to do.

They’re use to the care they get from their parents and that makes them handicap. Living at home is something a person will miss very much. It is missed the most especially when it comes down to the food. In college the person has to survive off of the cafeteria food and snacks that they have In their dorms. Sometimes the person onto even have food some nights to eat, or It Isn’t going to be anything they want. So many nights the person will end up going to sleep with an empty stomach. Doing that is very uncomfortable and most of the times it is hard to sleep on an empty stomach.

At home meals are most likely cooked every night or every other night. Many times a person living at home will not go to sleep without being fed. It is the parents’ Job to make sure the child eats and gets what he or she needs. Also the person can eat at all times of the night when they’re at home. When It comes to college life the person especially when it comes to money. A parent’s money helps out a lot for a person at home. The individual can go to the parent basically anytime he or she wants to get the money that’s needed.

As for college life a student has to maintain money that is given for a certain amount of time. Money is harder to get during college because of all the expenses dealing with college. The student has tuition, groceries, and other things pertaining to college life. The need of a student is more worthy and much more needed then being at home. At home the person doesn’t have to stack up on stuff. In college a person has to stack up for a month or two. This includes food and other things the student need. College life is like waking up to food that isn’t always going to be there.

The freedom of college life is way better than being at home living the home life. At home a person may end up having a curfew if he or she is a certain age. In college there is no curfew and the person has to decide upon whether he or she is going to stay out late or not. Stuff like that makes it hard for a college student because of all the freedom. On the other hand, living at home has more discipline, and it helps the person more. Living at home doesn’t really give someone a choice it s a must, but college life a person has a choice to do this or that.

Basically the person can do whatever he or she wants Just as long as they keep up with their priorities. At home the priorities are easily done Just because of the extra push a person gets from his or her parents. College life has its advantages too. Many people see it as a good thing to make their families proud. Wanting their parents proud motivate the person to continue doing well in college therefore he or she has great success in college. That is when home living and college living is the same both ways the person wants to make his or her parents proud.

My Wonderful College Life

I still vividly remember my first day in college. I was so excited in meeting new people. College felt like a liberation for me since I was far away from my family. It was my first time to be separated from them. It was a bit difficult at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t know how I should behave Just to fit in. But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met wonderful friends whom are still my best buddies even until now. Every time we would meet up, we will never fail to recall how we were back In college; how we were molded to what we are now.

College is a dry run of the rest of our lives. It’s a training ground on how to be successful and become good people. College life Is WAY different from secondary school life! The environment, especially at Tailor’s university Lakeside Campus, Is cool and amazing. The people here from all over the world with their different sense of fashion and style has made this campus special to me. But like most of the people during their first week, I was alone. The whole week of orientation was enlightening but I am still without a new friend. When the second week arrived, our lectures started and I met some classmates.

They are friendly. The Tailor’s university Freebies N Newbie’s Club (Fan) did help to break the ice. The gathering we had was very fun and laughter was in the air most of the time. When the third week arrived, I went away to Spain for 17 days and when I came back it is Hair Ray holidays. Well, I hope I can catch up with what I have missed in class and I really hope will have some very good and close friends here and have a fruitful 2. 5 years throughout this Diploma course. College life has been complicating for me so far but I’m going to enjoy or at least TRY to enjoy each and every moment of my college life.

My college life

To me it is an memorable day. During my education days I had a looking of college lifespan from my beverage brothers and sisters. I was most peculiarly waiting the day when I would begin my college spirit. I mediation that the college sprightliness would request me a issue being; here restrictions would be few and threat of teachers would be soft. At inalterable the longed for day came in. I was admitted to the Government College of my city.

I entered the college premises with new hopes and aspirations. I was glad to see that the college presented a new grasp. It was quite diametric from what I had seen in and around our schoolmate. I came crossways galore dishonorable faces. I had whatever real fantastical experiences on the forward day of my college brio. I was befuddled to see students activity inside and exterior games and enjoying receiver programmed during class-hours. There is no regulating of homogeneous. I observed that the students are unloosen In their movements.

They can do things according to their pick. I institute all the new admitted students In squealing Intoxicant. They were all Joyful to straighten Mends. I emotional say the college. I was rattling some delighted to see the noble depository of the college where I could find books on real field. The college laboratory overexcited my wonder on the really basic day and I got raring to accomplish experiments there. I noted pile the time-table of’ my categories from the note {school. Apiece dominate Is taught by a special educator.

My College Life

I have started my college life in Matriculation College Niger Seminal for a few months. All that I can say is awesome! I feel blessed that I could enter the college. The one and only purpose for most of the students who are under the matriculation programmer is to get into their high-ranked university, especially for science stream students. Most of the parents hope their children could be offered a place under the programmer because they strongly believe that their children can get courses that hey really want in the short period of one year.

Most of the outsiders repute that the life in Matriculation College is easy. But then, now I deny the view, my college life is somehow trying. As the programmer is short, students have to armed the ability to cope with the long syllabus for each subject. No more hoping a helping hand from others, students have to be initiative. For example, If you cannot solve any mathematics problem, you can look for your lecturer in the mathematic unit. Students are mostly welcomed and the lecturer will be glad to deliver the methods.

It is advisable that students should have solve the problem Immediately once they have any question. Adaptation to a new environment Is also a challenge for matriculation students. The first week in the college, I cried for almost everyday. The symptoms that students normally have: homesick, not independent and feeling loneliness. It will be find after some period of time when students getting familiar at there. Communicating skills Is very Important too. Students should know how to mix with people from different races.

Language Is the vital tool for communication, such as Bases Namely. It Is the mall language used In matriculation college. Practice makes perfect, speaking English everyday Improve your English usage as well. Bothersome, compact scheduled during weekdays make students have to keep on with nervous rhythm. Students rush for classes from am till pm. There Is only a two hours break In the afternoon. In spite of that, a pile of tutorials and assignments waiting to be completed by time. This Is the most challenge thing that I have gone through. It’s stressful!

Life Is full of challenge. I trust myself and I believe that I can take over all the coming challenges. My target Is to score with flying colossus so that my dream will come true. Please bless me to be strong enough. Is advisable that students should have solve the problem immediately once they have Adaptation to a new environment is also a challenge for matriculation students. The Communicating skills is very important too. Students should know how to mix with people from different races. Language is the vital tool for communication, such as Bases Namely.

It is the main language used in matriculation college. Practice makes perfect, speaking English everyday improve your English usage as well. With nervous rhythm. Students rush for classes from am till pm. There is only a two hours break in the afternoon. In spite of that, a pile of tutorials and assignments waiting to be completed by time. This is the most challenge thing that I have gone Life is full of challenge. I trust myself and I believe that I can take over all the coming challenges. My target is to score with flying colossus so that my dream will come true.

Memories of My College Life

When I was younger and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was always the same response, a Nurse. In fifth grade I broke my wrist on Thanksgiving Day. I was Jumping on the bed and got pushed off and of course I had to immediately go to the hospital. Once we got there the Nurses were super nice and took care of me the whole time. Since that moment, I have Just wanted to have the same effect on other people as they did for me. Also I want to be the first to graduate room college in my family.

I want to show my family that I will succeed in life Just like they want me to. My family wants to me to get a good Job and not have to worry about money so much unlike they have. My parents showed me how important it is to continue schooling. They live paycheck to paycheck and I know what it feels like to not be the kid with more money. I don’t want to have to live like that or have my future family have to live like that. I want to show everyone that I can do it and make a difference in people’s lives.

College will help me become a Nurse and do what I have always wanted to. I want to be able to be a travel Nurse and help people in poorer areas that can’t travel to hospitals and help them get better and know that they have a chance to live again. I have always wanted to make a difference and fortunately J will help me do that. Right now especially it is important to get a degree in something because our economy is not the best and you need a lot of schooling to go far. That’s why I am here at J to better my life and other people’s life too.

How College Life Changed Me

My College Experience Referring to my college life and how it has changed my life is amazing. I once thought of college as Just a bigger high-school with all the high-school drama Involved, but I was way wrong. The challenges I went through last spring have made me stronger this semester. In my college experience I have experienced three different challenges; such as my fears, how I feel the college life Is deferent and finally how the college life has changed my way of thinking. My fears pertaining to the college life consist of, I am afraid of my learning disability because I might not fit

In. I don’t really get along with people because I am more out spoken than most. Other people might look down on me because I learn differently, I used to get made fun of In high-school because of It. And finally I might Just flunk out of my classes because of my learning disability. I was so nervous about last semester that no one would Like me, but that Is not the case anymore. I also have really bad test anxiety. It affects me In these ways I get sweaty palms, my heart starts to race and my mind goes blank.

Furthermore I also deal with my social phobia on a daily basis. I do not like big crowds and to picture everyone naked would make me go blind My whole body starts to shake and I try to flee the scene, now I am on the right medicines that help me control my symptoms. There are a bunch of different things going on at the college at different times! Like students coming and going, people in math labs getting help on math problems, also students and staff go down to the Cougar Den for freshly cooked food.

But what I have noticed to be different is the college programs that I have gotten involved with, heir helpful. If I need a little extra help I can go to the Your Education First, also known as the Y. E. S program. The Y. E. S program also helps out single mothers with gas cards or food cards for the Cougar Den, a place of lunch specialties. Plus they took me to go see The Woman of Ireland in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I never knew that the college takes their students’ on field trips. It was a wonderful experience, I got a lot out of that field trip.

How college has changed my way of thinking. I used to over analyze things but owe that this is my second semester of college I have grown a new self- respect. I am no longer scared of my learning disability because I get to record my classes so I can listen to my recorder, it helps me study. What is even more cool is I get more time on said tests also I get my own private room to take tests In because In a class of 20 or more I feel like kids are trying to copy of me. I have gotten on the right medicine so now my test anxiety is not as bad. My smart pills help me concentrate.

Furthermore my anxiety medicine helps me calm down so I can think. Now that I’m on the right medications I no longer get sweaty palms nor do I shake nervously. The college life Is nothing Like I thought It would be. The teachers here are not rude their actually very helpful. Some actually take time out of their day to work with me If I ask for help. They haven’t followed me around to make sure I did my homework because I have made a lot of changes to my life and. Take a lot of pride In it to class or not, it’s not like their paying for me to go to school so why would they care?

High School Life and College Life

The change from high school to college can be a difficult one. Both your social and academic life will be remarkably different from high school. Although you might think that college is simply a level above high school, there are several differences between the two, and you need to be prepared for what’s ahead. My college experience so far has been really stressful but am trying my best to excel.

Unlike high school where hinges tend to move smoothly, college has been the total opposite. No time to play, more assignments and project which tends to consume my time. For Instance, In high school, my classes were assigned to me and I was supplied with many of my classroom materials and books. I had a guidance counselor telling me which courses to take and when. In college, It Is my responsibility to sign up for the classes I need to take to graduate and during my first enrollment, I ended up picking irrelevant classes because I had no idea about the whole thing.

Although, we have an academic advising center were you can go and meet an advisor who can help out with picking classes suitable for you and is located at room 113 north shopper of Cameron university. Also, in college, I am responsible for buying all class materials and trust me, the cost of these materials are very high whereas in high school, our textbooks and class materials were given to me for free. A textbook with access code can go for a minimum of $100 which is way expensive and I do not get to spend so much during high school days Class materials are really expensive.

Moreover, we have a library where you can get all this books and check them out if you need them urgently without buying. I use the library everyday and check out books all the time. Finally, the style of teaching tends to be more advanced in college than high school. Am finding it difficult coping with the assignments(which are very voluminous),unlike high school where I was given Just little assignments. Tutors explaining things fast and am just confused and lost in class and I Just take a break from classes like that. Although, the school came up with tutor. M, a free online website where students can visit to get help and I also visit the academic tutoring facilities like that for center for academic success which is located at nuance borer room 1008, center for writers at nuance borer room 2060, math lab at Burch hall 104 and academic commons tutoring center at academic commons 138. Am trying really hard to overcome these difficulties before next semester. Putting In every single effort and aiming for a perfect grade point. I know I can do It by being determined and being serious.

High School Life and College Life By assesses hat college is simply a level above high school, there are several differences between more assignments and project which tends to consume my time. For instance, in high school, my classes were assigned to me and I was supplied with many of my to take and when. In college, it is my responsibility to sign up for the classes I need to and am Just confused and lost in class and I Just take a break from classes like that. Difficulties before next semester. Putting in every single effort and aiming for a perfect grade point. I know I can do it by being determined and being serious.